(Last Updated: November 22, 2018)
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Foreign income taxation: Residents working abroad

  • I filed AY 2016-17 income tax as Resident, even though I was working in singapore for the entire year. Now the IT department wants to know complete details on my foreign income. Can they ask for my foreign Income details ? How to handle this ?

  • Yes,

    Resident Indians must pay tax on their global income so they are right in asking your foreign income and having that included for tax calculation, IMO.


  • @sukhdeepjohar Hi, The no. of days you stayed in India determine your residential status. Firstly, check your residential status for that particular year. Were you actually a Resident in AY 2016-17.
    If you are resident Indian in a particular financial year then your global income is taxable in India. Tax residents of India are subject to tax on global income.

    If you are NRI then only income earned in India or earnings on services provided in India are taxable. You need to consult a good CA to handle this matter in the appropriate way.

  • Yes, the IT department of taxation has the right to ask about your total income. But the number of days that you have lived in India are going to decide whether you will pay tax in India or the country of your stay right now. The number of days will be checked in the period of 2016-17 taxation.

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