Zerodha Alternatives: Best Discount brokers in India

  • Zerodha ranks quite high in the list of discount brokers in India. Zerodha has increased its customer base to a large extent in the past few years.
    Discount brokers in India have gained massive popularity owing to low brokerage, their simple process and useful services.
    There are a whole lot of discount brokers in India, the true competitors of Zerodha. We can simply call them as Zerodha alternatives:

    • 5paisa
    • Samco
    • Upstox
    • TradeSmartOnline
    • Fyers

    There is a very thin line of margin in the discount broking business. What matters is the technology driven platforms with adequate and timely customer support. The discount broker that can offer this combo of user friendly software/app plus great customer service shall emerge to be the winner.
    Which Zerodha alternatives come to your mind? Any discount broker's name that you want to add, share your valuable experiences.

  • @ishu Zerodha is good. I like its services. Sometimes, there are minor technical issues. But, my overall experience has been good with them.

  • Banned

    There are a number of discount brokers in India. Zerodha is a popular one. Thanks for sharing different alternatives.

  • Hi, Yes I too like Zerodha, they offer great services. I haven't face any technical issues as such. Might be some site maintenance going on at sometime. But, they have quite handy tools and app to support you in having a good investing and trading experience.

  • Hi, I have heard about 5paisa from my friends. I am confused which one to go for: Zerodha vs 5paisa. Which one is better? I am looking for a low fee account to invest some money.

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