(Last Updated: October 17, 2018)
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Financial Advisors in India List: Who is the best Financial Planner?

  • Financial planning plays a vital role in our lives. We just can't ignore the need and importance of financial planning in India. If you are a DIY or Do-It-Yourself Investor, Great! But, if not, you may need the help of a financial advisor to guide you in your investing journey.

    1. A good CFP or Certified Financial Planner is just like a mentor giving correct direction to your investment needs.
    2. A financial advisor should know your risk profile, financial objectives and suggest investment plans accordingly.
    3. Look for SEBI Registered Investment advisors (RIA) to get proper guidance and achieve your financial goals.
    4. You may come across Fee-only Financial advisors or Fee based investment planners. You have to be very careful while making the right choice. I personally prefer Fee-only financial planning wherein a flat fee is charged rather than percentage based commission.
      To get an optimal solution for building a solid investment portfolio, people trust financial planners or advisors. Look around and you'll get a whole lot of financial planners around.
      What do you think about Financial Planning services in India? Which one will you prefer Fee-based or Fee-only Financial planner in India? Who is the best financial planner in India? Please give some good suggestions and share experiences, if any.

  • @ishu I personally refer FundsIndia platform. They are good and quick to respond well. They offer friendly investing services.

  • @ishu Yes, financial planning is really crucial. The cost of living is so high these days. I wonder how the prices of products and services will sky-rocket in the coming years. So, it's better we plan well for our retirement. There are too many financial advisors, I really get confused which one to choose. Is it worth consulting a financial planner? What if, I want to manage my investments myself, is it possible? or Should I consult for better investment options?

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