(Last Updated: June 4, 2019)

Small Finance Banks List approved by Reserve Bank of India (RBI): Headquarters & Details

  • Small Finance banks can provide basic banking services like acceptance of deposits and credit but in a limited way. Small Finance Bank is primarily for small farmers, micro and small industries plus other unorganised sector in India.
    RBI granted in-principal approval to 10 applicants for setting up Small Finance Banks in India.

    The Small Finance banks born out of the 2015 RBI initiative have been summarised in the list below:

  • @harleen Hi, thanks for sharing this useful list of Small Finance Banks. SFBs or Small Finance banks seem quite similar to Payment banks. Can you please cover a separate post on their comparison i.e. payment banks vs small banks, if possible. I am keen on knowing the exact difference between small finance banks and payment banks.

  • I think the major difference between Small Finance banks and Payment banks is that the SFBs can lend small loans but not larger loans. While Payment banks can't extend any loans.

  • @Harleen Small Finance banks primary objective is to promote financial inclusion in the country. The main objectives include:

    1. Offering Basic banking activities like accepting deposits.
    2. Lending low cost credit to small business units, unorganised sector, farmers and micro and small industries.

    However, a Small Finance Bank cannot extend larger amount of loans. In fact, SFBs have to face challenges to compete with public sector banks. Overall, Small Finance banks are a good initiative to further strengthen the credit arena.

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