(Last Updated: October 24, 2018)
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Payment Banks in India: List with Headquarters

  • Payment banks, a new and innovative banking model offering a limited set of services. It is a key step to enhance financial inclusion in the country. A payment bank seems to be a great idea to spread the banking services to small businesses, low-income households and migrant labour workforce etc.
    Here is the list of 6 different payment banks that have been launched in India till now.
    Name & Headquarters of 6 payment banks are as given below:

    • Airtel Payments Bank - New Delhi (HQ)

    • Paytm Payments Bank - Noida (HQ)

    • Fino Payments Bank - Navi Mumbai (HQ)

    • India Post Payments Bank - New Delhi (HQ)

    • Jio Payments Bank - Navi Mumbai (HQ)

    • Aditya Birla Idea Payments Bank - Mumbai (HQ)

    Few more payment banks might be seen active in the coming days.

  • @harleen Will these payment banks actually serve the purpose for which they have been introduced? I mean, is it actually beneficial for small businesses and people in far-flung areas to use their services.

  • @harleen That seems to be a useful list for the one looking for Payment banks in India. I feel Airtel Payments Banks and Paytm Payments bank have gained more popularity than others. May be, the rest shall get more traction in the coming days. It all depends on their services and ease of use. They offer limited benefits only.
    The big questions here are: How convenient they actually prove to be? How much are they beneficial? This can be answered after a while and based on their performance.

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