Payment Banks in India: List with Headquarters

  • Payment banks, a new and innovative banking model offering a limited set of services. It is a key step to enhance financial inclusion in the country. A payment bank seems to be a great idea to spread the banking services to small businesses, low-income households and migrant labour workforce etc.
    Here is the list of 6 different payment banks that have been launched in India till now.
    Name & Headquarters of 6 payment banks are as given below:

    • Airtel Payments Bank - New Delhi (HQ)

    • Paytm Payments Bank - Noida (HQ)

    • Fino Payments Bank - Navi Mumbai (HQ)

    • India Post Payments Bank - New Delhi (HQ)

    • Jio Payments Bank - Navi Mumbai (HQ)

    • Aditya Birla Idea Payments Bank - Mumbai (HQ)

    Few more payment banks might be seen active in the coming days.

  • @harleen Will these payment banks actually serve the purpose for which they have been introduced? I mean, is it actually beneficial for small businesses and people in far-flung areas to use their services.

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