(Last Updated: October 6, 2018)
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India Post Payments Bank branches (IPPB) list: Key Features to know

  • India Post Payments Bank or IPPB, a Government of India owned payment bank was launched on 1st September 2018 offering doorstep banking especially in rural areas of India.
    With the intent of providing a one step financial solution to your banking needs, 2 pilot branches have been functioning since January 2017 in:

    • Raipur and

    • Ranchi

    On 1st September,2018 the much awaited IPBB services were made available in the first phase which includes 650 branches(one in every district) and 3250 post offices as access points. IPPB further working upon at a fast pace for growing its presence throughout India.

    Some key features of India Post Payments Bank are:

    • Doorstep banking, mobile banking, paperless banking.
    • Instant bank account opening, micro-ATM facility etc.
    • Easy money transfer, deposits & withdrawals.
    • Convenient option for paying utility and other bills.
    • IPPB can accept savings and current account deposits <= Rs.1 lakh only.
    • A 4% interest rate on savings account shall be offered.
    • IPPB can't lend directly but can act as a banking correspondent for other banks to provide credit services to rural areas.

    Ready to give a new and fresher look to the rural banking, India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) is all set to benefit the remote customers. What do you think of India India Post Payments Bank (IPPB)? Will it actually prove good for the people and give them requisite access to useful services? Feel free to give any feedback on the same.

  • @harleen These payment banks seem to be a good initiative only if they actually provide what they promise to give to the rural community. Banking has still not reached far flung areas and if such banks branches can actually make it possible and easy, it would be great. There are other popular payment banks also like Airtel Payments bank, Paytm Payments bank, Fino Payments bank. But, how does one differentiate as to which one to choose? I think all these are similar in functioning and benefits. Any idea on this.

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