(Last Updated: September 12, 2019)
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Zerodha Coin Review: Direct mutual funds platform to invest online

  • Zerodha coin, a growing Direct mutual funds platform that's getting quite popular. Let's take a quick review of this online direct investing platform.

    It was launched in April 2017 for direct mutual fund investing in India. Their recent move to waive off direct funds fee has been welcomed by investors around. Earlier they used to charge Rs.50 as fee for using "Coin" above Rs.25000 of investments. So, now your investments on coin are absolutely free irrespective of the amount. This sounds so great!

    Zerodha ranks higher amongst the leading stock brokers in India. By introducing Zerodha coin, the company took a step forward in helping investors to invest in mutual funds.
    Zerodha Coin Features:

    • Buy/sell mutual funds online.
    • Low cost involved.
    • View and compare mutual fund returns.
    • Directly invest in direct funds at zero fee.
    • Start an SIP in mutual funds.

    The main motive behind its introduction was to facilitate easy direct mutual fund investments. It's performing well, however long term reliability can't be predicted.

    Overall, Zerodha has outperformed in providing different services to its clients. With the rising number of new and emerging direct fund platforms, the competition is just getting tougher. Let's see how much Zerodha coin can impress its customers in the coming days.

  • @harleen Yes, waiving off fee is a good step. This will attract more people to invest through Zerodha Coin. But, these days there are so many direct mutual funds platforms, I really wonder how all these earn and survive? If they waive off fee, how do they actually earn in this segment? I don't have much knowledge on this. I am thinking to start investing but wish to gather more insights on direct funds. Which direct mutual fund platform is the best for a beginner like me to start investing? Can anyone share some views on this? Thanks

  • @harleen Hi, Is it worth investing in Zerodha Coin as compared to FundsIndia? Which mutual funds platform is better? Can you suggest. My friend referred FundsIndia, said I am new investor, so will need some guidance which I can get from them. Is there any major difference between the services of both? Please revert.

  • I have started using Zerodha coin recently. Looks to be a nice platform. The investing process is quite simple. Seems good to use initially. I shall put my actual feedback once I become an experienced user 🙂

  • Yes there is major difference in investing on zerodha coin and funds India.
    Funds India do not provide direct investment to mutual funds, it provides regular plans only.
    Whereas in zerodha you get direct plans. Direct plans saves 1.5-2% of your total returns in long run.thats a huge amount assuming your investment horizon of 10-15years.

  • @prateek I too feel Direct plans have an edge over regular plans. Direct plans can save a lot of our money. But, the point of concern is a common man is not well versed with investing techniques. We might need an advisor or broker's help at some point of time for doing correct financial planning.
    For the ones who have good financial and investing knowledge, opting direct plans is best. While others might need some help here and there 🙂

  • Instead of a full fledged financial adviser, a fee only financial adviser will better assist you to make a good portfolio.

  • @prateek Thanks for your opinion! Fee only financial planner seems to be a good option. But, the choice is ultimately based on one's preferences and financial goals.
    Anyways, here we are discussing on Zerodha Coin, any feedback or experience on the same shall be much appreciated. If you can discuss any pros or cons of investing through Zerodha Coin that can help us in knowing in-depth about it.

  • @Harleen You can also have a detailed review here. Zerodha Coin review Very nicely explained, all the charges, features and benefits of this mutual fund platform are discussed.

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