(Last Updated: April 9, 2019)
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10 Financial Planning Tips for Women

  • @vijaykapoor282 Yes, financial planning at early age is really beneficial. You have rightly pointed out. Anyone for that matter, who starts earning should think of investment planning at the earliest. This will give long term benefits.

  • @sdadwal Yes, gaining financial awareness and managing our finances needs to be of topmost priority. No doubt, women can control and manage monthly budget in a well-planned way. Financial planning is really important in these days. Rising inflation and increased cost of living certainly make it essential to plan right now.

  • @sdadwal Women surely need to take control of their finances. You pointed out right. Discussing financial things with spouse usually helps. I generally discuss my financial plans with my partner. We both are salaried and have separate accounts. We had to cut down some of our expenses to meet our housing goal. I am quite satisfied with my decision in doing so. We definitely realise the importance of financial planning.
    If single, then also a woman should learn to handle her finances well. It's not that difficult. If we can have monthly budget, cut our expenses and increase our savings, it will help.

  • Definitely, women have more ability to manage finances in a better way. However, the financial planning tips mentioned here are strong enough for those females who're serving any organization. To attain optimum return over their investment, they do require a guidance from certified financial planner.

  • @sdadwal Financial planning is essential for all. The simplest way is to firstly keep a track of your expenses. We can maintain an excel sheet or use a good expense recording software. This way we know what monthly expenses we actually incur. Cutting down expenses and moving towards savings and investing will surely help us.

  • I feel financial planning is important for all. The cost of living is so high. Even if we try to live a simple life we can't avoid the routine expenses. So, planning well in advance is a good option to ensure financial well being.

  • The best financial advise I can give to someone is that please save the money before spending on the necessary things. You will live an easy life if you live with this philosophy. Money management is very important.

  • @vijaykapoor282 I totally agree with you. Financial planning is really essential these days. Once we start earning whether in job or business, we should think about savings and planning investments too. The sooner we realise the importance of financial panning, the better and happier we can live in the coming days.

  • @swarajwealth I think women can manage their finances on their own very well. It's not necessary to consult a financial planner as such. Women are good at saving money. And, when it comes to managing money they can prove to be very good planners themselves. In the changing scenario, they can better understand the importance of money management as compared to earlier days.

  • Do not be too emotional about all your spending. Plan before you go to the shop to buy "that small thing" because with it you will usually end up this and that. And may regret later.

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