(Last Updated: August 31, 2018)
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Hello All, Welcome to FINTRAKK Personal Finance Forum!

  • Hi,
    Welcome to our Fintrakk Discussion Forum ☺

    Wish to discuss any personal finance topics? Have any queries in mind on the trending news or emerging matters in the financial world? You are at the right place! Go ahead and start sharing on any hot topics in any of the following categories:

    • Investment
    • Personal Finance
    • Taxation
    • Credit cards
    • Global market
    • Blockchain Technology
    • Financial/Investing & Other Books
    • Career in Finance/Accounting & related fields.**

    Any amazing investing/other experience or important point you wish our members to know? Feel free to discuss the same!

    What are you waiting for? Write your first post and be a part of our active and growing community!

  • FINTRAKK FORUM: IT'S COMPLETELY FREE TO JOIN ☺ An initiative to create financial awareness around! Topics explained in a simple language! You are invited to share your queries and ideas on any financial topics.
    Basic investment topics as well as a bit complex ones for the common man to understand easily. Keep discussing and be a part of our growing group!

  • The best thing about this forum is that we get quick answers here. This forum really solves specific financial queries. I will always recommend this channel to anyone who wants to increase their financial knowledge.

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