(Last Updated: December 3, 2018)
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Olymp Trade Broker : What are your reviews about it ?

  • I am collecting information on the Olimp Trade broker, I saw a lot of reviews on the net, more positive, abusive ones, but I would like to know from real clients the details about the terms of trade of this broker.

    I personally trade at the olymp trade and I can say that this is a good broker. There it is comfortable to trade and money can be withdrawn almost in one click on any card and purse. There it is easy to register and quickly pass verification. there are a lot of assets for trade, there is enough crypto currency.

  • Olymp Trade is a binary options broker and binary options trading is inherently a risky business because in most of the countries binary options and forex trading is not regulated through the state run regulators. You are dependant upon the honesty of the broker when it comes to your money and the trades executed.

    With that said, this doesn't apply only to Olymp trade, this applies to binary options and forex trading as a whole. If you are entering this type of trading you must be ready to take risk from both regulatory and trading perspective.

  • Binary Options and forex trading is illegal in India apart from the entities(brokers) which are registered with SEBI. Also you can't use credit card to do any kind of trading in India. Therefore there is a considerable risk involved in such kind of trading.

  • Of course, try it. I don't see anything that should stop you. The min deposit there is 10$ and you need the demo account to get used to trading there. Broker provides good bonuses and you can withdraw the profit you get from them straight away. It was the first time I had ever seen anything like this.

  • I know that that in our country the attitude to options is quite unclear. I don't know for sure but there are some unreal license requirements and a huge amount of restrictions. Nowadays it seems very odd.

  • Yes, I've also been interested in this topic. But as long as you have this opportunity, why not trying. The risk is generally minimal.

  • By the minimal risk you mean trust in the broker? How can you trust a broker if it offers to trade assets that don't exist? What do you think about it?

  • Stay calm. There is no need for conversion. Olymp offers CFD trading. It's a common practice in CFD. If you were trading bitcoin on a crypto exchange, then really you would have to physically buy or sell bitcoin.

  • But at least exchanges have the most favorable exchange rate.

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