(Last Updated: September 10, 2018)
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Can you suggest good or best stock market books for beginners?

  • I was looking for some good books to learn investing. Wish to enhance my knowledge in stock market investing. What are some of the best books on stock investing and stock trading which I can refer initially? I like reading books and different suggestions shall be much appreciated.

  • @ananya Hi, you can checkout these interesting books on investing:

    1. The Intelligent Investor: By Benjamin Graham (This one tops the list of best investing books)
    2. A random walk down Wall Street: By Burton G. Malkiel
    3. How to avoid loss and earn consistently in stock market: By Prasenjit Paul
    4. How to make money in stocks: By William J.O'Neil
    5. The Little Book of Common Sense Investing: By John C.Bogle
    6. Everything you wanted to know about stock market investing
    7. Stock to Riches: By Parag Parikh
      There are a no. of other popular books on investing. These are just few of them.

    Firstly, get hold of one book and start reading to know the basic fundamentals before actually investing your money. You might find a bit difficult to understand the technical terms initially. But, as you keep on adding to your knowledge, you shall get to know the ABC of stock market investing in a simple manner.
    The more you read, the better you will know about the art of investing in order to see your money grow.
    Just stay updated on market movements around you. You can also go through a detailed list of stock market books.

  • I think stock trading is a lot easier than the forex trading due to less liquidity in it. you have to know well about the stock you are going to invest in it. You also have to invest at the vital moments where the sales are supposed to be more abundant. Stay blessed!

  • Hi, there are a lot of good books on investing. "The Intelligent Investor" is a popular choice and one of my favourites too. Investing can be a bit tricky. Getting basics clear is a pre-requisite for investing wisely. Good books help us know important concepts and ideas.

  • @harleen I personally like "The Little book on Common Sense Investing" a good one indeed. I have read few others but this is my favourite. A great choice for investors.

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