(Last Updated: May 4, 2019)
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What are the best stock market apps for beginners in India?

  • @harleen informative thanks!!

  • I use the Edelweiss Mobile Trader for stock trading in India. The Edelweiss mobile trading app has a user friendly design and offers in depth market analysis for equity, futures and market options.

    The app gives you access to advanced charting software, intraday trading charts and popular technical indicators which provide you a detailed analysis of the Indian stock market. It is free to download and the EMT app also supports a one step login process which accessing it simple for both beginners and experienced traders.

  • @vikas_nair I prefer using Moneycontrol app, a trusted name. It's good and easy to use. In fact, I think most of the mobile apps are easy to download and use these days. Its just a matter of personal choice which one we like.
    I heard that StockEdge is also good. But, I am satisfied with one app only for getting regular stock related updates. There seems no fun having too many stock trading apps installed and managing all of them. I haven't heard much of Edelweiss App? Is it really a good one or similar to other apps? What better this offers as compared to other popular stock trading apps? Any review on this.

  • @michaelmelchoir 5paisa app is also a good one. I personally use it. It has nice features. Its Auto investor feature, technical indicators are quite good. We can trade in multiple segments and invest in mutual funds also.

  • For the beginners, first of all it is important that they should understand the important concepts of the stock market and also get a quality advice from the SEBI registered financial advisors. You can find lots of apps claiming to be the best in the industry but not many of them provide a perfect combination of the quality information and connecting with the research analysts anytime. Advisorymandi is one such popular stock market app that makes the task of finding and hiring the advisors quite easy. Whatever advice you require the advisors are there to help you out and assist in making investments in the stock market hassle free.

  • @ishaantsingh013 Hi, I haven't heard of this stock market app. Is it a new mobile app?
    I find MoneyControl app the best. It offers latest market data and financial news regularly. Easy navigation and live streaming options are the best part. You can manage your portfolio and track stocks, mutual funds etc. through watchlist. I am quite satisfied with the Moneycontrol app features.

  • @vikas_nair I like StockEdge App. Easy to download & a pretty simple one to use.

  • @harleen Hey, that's a pretty good list to share. I like ET markets app and have been using it for some time now. Heard about Kite mobile app also. But, I am not sure how it performs. Can anyone give a slight idea about Zerodha KIte app? Any feedback on the same.

  • @harleen I also use Moneycontrol app and like it. I didn't feel like switching over to any other stock market app.

  • Yes, that's a good and a popular one too. All have their own preferences as per requirements.

  • Stockedge app is good. I tried it that’s simple and helpful. There are so many apps that it’s normal to get confused which is best. I heard about moneycontrol app also. That’s also quite popular.

  • Here are top 2 Indian stock market android apps that I like:

    1. ET Markets App
    2. Moneycontrol App
      Good to use & user friendly apps.

  • @chrisjordan Depends on what your usage is. I want something more than just stock prices and alerts. Stockedge app provides technical analysis, bulk deals data etc. so I love StockEdge app.

  • My favorite Indian stock market is Moneycontrol. It is quite user friendly and informative.

  • @UniQueme Yes, I too agree with you. MoneyControl is the best app around. I also prefer using this one only to get all the stock related updates. I have been sticking to this stock market app since a long time now. And, I am quite satisfied with its performance.

  • Best apps depend on the use case. If you want to just view the stock situation and check your portfolio value, Moneycontrol or ET money are good. If you want to trade as well, you might want to look at apps like Zerodha, 5paisa etc.

  • @UniQueme Undoubtedly, Moneycontrol is the best stock market app that I can think of. I agree with your feedback. This is very informative and user friendly also.

  • @UniQueme My vote too goes to Money control app only. I haven't tried others. I would surely give a try to a couple of more stock trading apps and share my feedback.

  • @Harleen Nice collection of stock trading apps in India. But, we can't have all of them. It really gets difficult to manage too many apps on our mobile. I would like to go with Moneycontrol app. I have heard a lot about this app and its features.

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