What are the best stock market apps for beginners in India?

  • Can anyone suggest good stock market apps to download? I was confused which one is better. There are so many but which stock trading app is suitable for beginners who wish to add to their knowledge.

  • Here is a list of popular and useful stock market apps in India:

    1. MoneyControl Markets App
    2. ET Markets App: NSE & BSE India
    3. Stock Watch: BSE/NSE
    4. StockEdge
    5. IIFL Markets: NSE/BSE Trader
    6. Kite Mobile App by Zerodha

    Hey, if you know about or use any other stock market app, please do share to add to my list. For detailed info, have a look at: Best Stock market trading apps in India
    Make sure to receive quick and timely updates on Indian and Global financial market through these apps.

  • I personally trust Moneycontrol app for getting latest news on stock markets. It's an easy to use simple mobile app that gives a lot of financial information. I am satisfied with its usage. You get to know useful business and market news through this app.

  • Stockedge is a good choice. I like this app. It's quite easy to download and use. There are so many stock market apps. But, I think sticking to only one good app solves the purpose. We can stay updated.


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