(Last Updated: July 2, 2019)
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Kuvera Review : Charges, Features for Direct Mutual Fund Investments

  • Guys,

    I were trying to start investing in direct mutual funds via kuvera. I had tried MFUtility in the past but i find it very cumbersome to use. I came to know that kuvera is a free platform and doesn't charge anything to invest in direct platform ? How is it possible ? What their source of revenue ?

    I want to invest in direct funds but not in a platform which will face problems in future due to not having revenues. Any reviews on Kuvera will be highly appreciated.

  • @sdadwal I think I have covered the most important points about a popular mutual fund investment platform "Kuvera" here. You'll also get an overview of the Kuvera App. I have tried to keep it simple.

    Investment in Mutual funds:
    Mutual funds are quite simple to comprehend and you are supplied with an immediate advantage of instant diversification and asset allocations without the necessity of large investments to generate portfolios. Mutual Fund offers major benefits with respect to returns on a better scale.

    When it comes to investment towards Mutual Fund you can either invest directly or through regular distribution/brokerage platforms. But, today we will not explore brokerage platforms or not just about any other platform for Mutual Fund investment.

    Today, I bring to you the various features, benefits and unbiased review about Kuvera app.

    Why Investing With Kuvera App Direct Funds Is Better than Regular Mutual Funds Platform?
    Kuvera is the world’s first completely free financial planning and direct Mutual Fund investing platform with zero fees and several additional features. For direct mutual fund plans investors, Kuvera is the completely free internet portal. The platform is basically free with no hidden fees, no test period, and absolutely no worries on the size of the portfolio that you have.

    Apart from the zero transactional fees, it also provides free financial advice.
    Direct Investment Fund platforms charge you for recommendations on investments which may be discretionary whereas regular mutual funds do not charge you something for recommendation.

    But Kuvera, in spite of being a direct platform ensures free recommendations and expert advice based on years of experience and data-driven strategy in real time.

    Kuvera Direct Mutual Fund App Review
    A goal-based investment is the main feature of the Kuvera platform. Whether you want to buy a house, a car or any goal that you have always desired for can be achieved by setting your goals right with the Kuvera platform. It ensures that the investor of fund identifies the related risks.

    Kuvera provides direct mutual plans with a one-click switch from the standard mutual fund plans from non-demat accounts directly to your account. The system enables you to readily import current plans. It also enables you to manage many different portfolios of your family members and friends by signing up with a single account.

    With Kuvera, when you are looking for investment, it takes a while to complete the KYC. Kuvera has an outstanding, easy-to-use and intuitive app which ensures that selecting the choice of your funds and setting up the SIP is a breeze. The dashboard is easy and very efficient in understanding your profit/loss in absolute terms and percentage. They also show XIRR (Extended Internal Rate of Return) when various investments are made in instalments throughout the financial year.

    Funds from the Industry leading Fund houses
    If you are looking for the type of direct plan Mutual Funds that are available with Kuvera, it has a good mutual fund lists across the web.

    The other features of Kuvera embrace easy withdrawals, fund choice, setting up goal based portfolios, no tax on redemption, and a lot of saving. Investment on direct plans through Kuvera, therefore, yields greater profit than regular plans provided by comparatively other platforms.

    Did I miss any crucial point while sharing the Kuvera App review? Do let me know.

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