(Last Updated: April 9, 2019)
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How to Invest in Direct Mutual Funds?

  • There are many tech platforms that have been built for investing in direct mutual funds. MFUtility has built the foundation for those platforms.

  • @brown2018addy I had one query about Kuvera. They invest in direct mutual funds and dont charge subscription as well to people. How does their business model work ? I mean i dont want to putting money with some company which has no business model as switching portfolio to another company is quite some pain.

  • @jigneshshah well MFUtility is quite some pain. Their platform just sucks. Its better to pay some company a small subscription fees and get a good experience atleast. Zerodha Coin, Kuvera, ClearFunds are a few options available in the market.

  • This is indeed a very helpful post on: how to invest in direct mutual funds in India? All details and important points nicely explained here. Mutual funds have surely gained traction since the past few years. Investors have started moving from traditional investment instruments towards other asset classes. Why not? When you get to explore better returns in the long run, one can try different alternatives. Heard of "Don't put all eggs in one basket", the famous quote. This applies to investing also. Rest it all depends on one's risk taking capability and financial goals.

  • PayTM has also come up with direct mutual funds on their platform. The service is being offered to the existing PayTM users gradually. The service can be used free of charge.
    This will give a lot of competition in an already crowded mutual fund market. I hope PayTM stays true to its name and provides a great service.

  • Mutual Funds is a best investing place for the Indians due to its popularity and functionality in the India. It is very easy to take part in it as well due to acceptanceof the very low amounts. A student can also invest in it. So, a viable source of income!

  • @jatinkhanna However Karvy has an updated registration process which is completely online and no hard copies of the documents are required.

    They leverage Aadhaar Digital Signature to open an online account. They just need scanned copy of the bank cheque leaf to create the account.

  • Last time I saw, Karvy didn't allow buying of direct mutual funds. Do they allow now ?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi, I think it offers direct fund platform. You can invest in some funds that it supports. Through Karvy app you can transact and manage AMC schemes serviced by Karvy. You can check their site for additional information.

  • Hi,
    I found mycamsonline quite useful for investing in Regular or Direct mutual funds.
    I could see 14 AMC's listed there.
    Here you can do everything related to investment in Mutual Funds and SIP in listed AMC's.
    Mycamsonline is quite a simple way to manage most of your mutual fund investments.

  • @prateek No Doubt that CAMS is a great tool. Just that its UI is not that modern but mycams app is good enough though. You can buy both direct and regular funds but who wants regular funds these days anyways .. ūüôā

  • Sure you have a point.
    Everybody who understands difference between regular and direct mutual funds wants direct only.
    But, there are few friends of mine not knowing the difference, who fell to trap of a brokers who intentionally made them enter ARN while registering mutual funds online.

  • @prateek Well the brokers need to adapt and slowly the regular mutual funds will go away. Anyways have you tried Zerodha coin or unovest for investing in direct mutual funds ?

    I heard that unovest is run by Nikhil Khandelwal who himself is an RIA. Have you tried any of them ?

  • A lot of direct mutual fund platforms are popping up clearfunds, groww, upwardly, unovest, kuvera, BharosaClub, moneyfront, orowealth, wealthpedia, jama to name a few. These are supposed to provide a better interface, usability and customer support as compared to Govt instis/RTAs

    There are Govt institutes or other approved bodies(KRAs/MF own investing platform) as well that let you invest in direct funds like MFUtility, CAMS, Karvy. The choice of mutual funds in CAMS/karvy is restricted to mutual funds that these people serve(CAMS seem to let you invest in the karvy funds as well though).

    MFs own investing platforms are restricted to their own funds. e.g on SBI transaction platform you can invest only in SBI funds.

    Then there are bigger brokers like Zerodha Coin coming as well to fray.

    So you have quite a few choices in how to invest in direct mutual funds. I personally doubt the business model of direct fund only platforms so I personally invest with zerodha coin as they seem to have a better business model and business can stay long. Please note that if the business closes, you will need to shift your funds to the other platform which can be cumbersome.

    Just my thoughts, please do your own research before investing.

  • @jatinderchd

    I personally doubt the business model of direct fund only platforms

    This is the reason I rely more on mycams as other platforms somewhere have to sell something so that their business goes on.

    Nice analysis and information.

  • @prateek I wonder if you have tried any of the modern platforms like Orowealth, Zerodha coin etc.

    Also, does mycams support all the funds ? The funds by Karvy, Franklin and Sundaram as well because the RTA of those funds is not CAMS ?

  • MFU/Cams/AMC would allow you to invest through their platform, but the difficulty is how to track. Secondly, the direct plans are cost effective and can be a best suitable for investors who are savvy. If they need an ongoing advice on their investments, it is always better to hire a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor who would work on behalf of the clients.

  • Yes, I have also heard that direct plans are better. It saves some cost. Is this actually true? Does investing in direct plan seem to be a good idea for a newbie investor? Is it easy for a new investor to follow DIY approach for investing or should I take the help of a financial advisor to guide me? Please suggest.

  • The direct plan has got advantage in terms of expense ratio. It is advisable to take the help of advisor so that the investor can take very well informed investment decision especially for the newbie investor.

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