(Last Updated: March 22, 2018)
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ICICI Securities IPO: Review, Details, Propsectus

  • ICICI Securities is the financial services arm of ICICI and is bring up much awaited IPO. It is one of the India's earliest full service discount brokers. ICICI Securities offers many services through its platform ICICI Direct and through other means. The services offered include Stock and Commodity Trading platform, Bullion trading platform, derivatives, mutual funds insurance etc to the retail investors. It offers a Buffet of services to the corporate customers as well such as investment banking etc.

    IPO Detail:

    IPO Open: Mar 22, 2018 - Mar 26, 2018
    IPO Size:
    › Offer for Sale of 77,249,508 Equity Shares of Rs 5 aggregating up to Rs [.] Cr
    Face Value: Rs 5 Per Equity Share
    Issue Price: Rs 519 - Rs 520 Per Equity Share
    Market Lot: 28 Shares
    Minimum Order Quantity: 28 Shares
    Listing At: BSE, NSE

    What do you think about ICICI Securities IPO ? Are you going to invest ?

  • @ftforumadmin Does this mean it's a good IPO to put money. I am a newcomer in investing and trading. Can anyone give a useful piece of advice to start with. Any important points to keep in mind. Thanks

  • Yes, its definitely a good IPO for the medium to long term investors. I might not flip in the short term though.

    Disclaimer: All the thoughts here are for informational purpose only. Please do your own due diligence before investing.

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