(Last Updated: September 11, 2018)

How to activate dormant/inoperative account in India?

  • Savings/current bank account where no transactions take place (except interest or charges) for a period of 24 months are called Dormant or Inoperative accounts. Your bank shall inform you 3 months before your account turns dormant.
    Its quite common for us to open up a no. of bank accounts with different banks simultaneously. Some of these accounts are used quite less or we just forget using one of them which results in turning the same into inactive account firstly and further into a dormant account.
    What to do if your account becomes dormant due to prolonged in-operation? How to reactivate your dormant account? For reactivating a dormant account, you need to visit your bank's home branch with a written request.
    You may be required to submit fresh KYC documents before getting your account active. After, that don't forget to make a fresh deposit or withdrawal to your account to let it remain active.

  • I think you have to visit the bank for the activation of the dormant account. They will ask you to make a fresh deposit of some amount in your account for this purpose. So, go to the bank with some cash in your pocket as well. Thank you!

  • @landpel Yups this is true. To reactivate an account you just make a fresh deposit to the account and you are done.

  • All the banks have different policies about the opening, reopening, and activation of the banks. It is not a difficult ask to activate your inactive account. You just need to visit the bank and ask the respective person for this purpose. Bank is a good place!

  • @landpel Yes, making a fresh deposit to your in-operative accounts turns it into an active account again. You can deposit a cheque of a nominal amount say Rs.500 only to re-activate your account.

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