(Last Updated: June 24, 2019)
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Providing Education Loan to Students : How to Register ?

  • Hello,I would like to know how startups like Krazybee, Slicepay, Finomena are able to provide loans to students? Does RBI allow giving loans such way? If not, how come they are able to provide loans to so many customers.I would like to know if we can provide loans and in what way we should register our company? Should we tie up with some NBFCS? If so, will NBFCS be ready to tie up with us.

  • You have to visit the office of the company who is offering loan for the students. You also need to read the terms and conditions properly in orderto stay away from any illegal suspection in the future. Never take a blind move related to your money.

  • Getting an education loan is not a tough task today. You need to choose the right lender for the loan. I have also applied for the education loan about 5 months ago. Visit the official website where you want to apply for the loan but remember that you must have the documents required for education loan ready. If you meet the eligibility then apply for the loan. But before going to apply must check the various education loan scheme available for the students.

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