(Last Updated: May 28, 2020)
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Invest19 – A Definition of ‘Zero Brokerage’ in True Sense

  • Zero brokerage model is quite popular these days which was commenced to increase the contribution of traders in Indian stock market. In recent time, the discount brokers have outperformed traditional brokers with little or no brokerage charges at all. Though still, they do not offer the investment and trading ideas that any entry-level investor or trader would require to begin investing or stock trading in capital markets.

    Fear of losing the principal is much worse than paying some brokerage charges. In this regard, Invest19 is the only platform that defines zero brokerage in its true sense. With its emerging stock investment and wealth management platform Invest19 App gives the opportunity to traders to open a free Demat account with any of their registered brokers and allow stock trading with zero brokerage. Not just that it also offers them to benefit from the stock research and investment ideas that are available on this platform to make smart stock trading decisions and better returns.

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