Impact of GST on Indian Economy

  • Is this the correct time period for government to introduce GST bill because our country economy got affected by demonetization last year ?

  • The benefits of GST shall be visible only in the long run.Being a new tax reform, there might be certain difficulties faced initially, but slowly and gradually we need to adapt to the new environment.We can hope that this leaves a positive impact on Indian economy.You can refer our detailed article for deeper insights.

  • The customers now a days have to pay different taxes with different amount (like service tax in the hotels and entertainment taxes in movie theatre ) so how the end customer will get benefit from that bill ?

  • I’m doing Project on GST. I wanted to know what service tax do logistics industry pay and what abatement are available to Logistics service providers.

  • GST is the core of the economical statistics and it has huge impacts on the production of companies at the broader level. Small companies are impacted by it but upto a negligible stance. You must have to keep an eye on it as an investor. Stay blessed!