(Last Updated: March 25, 2020)
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Which is The Best Stock Broking Firm in India?

  • Here are some names in my mind:

    • Zerodha

    • Angelbroking

    • Arihantcapital

    • Motilaloswal

    • Upstox

  • @Rahul00792 I feel Zerodha and 5paisa are the best stock brokers offering great services to their customers.

  • On what basis you find them best? I’ve had up and down journey with some brokers, and realized that it’s too easy to find the popular brokers, making it too hard to find the best ones. But even, the truth is that there is no such best broker out there. Everything has pros and cons, even look at ourselves, there are strength and weakness. If you filter the broker through the features/services, then you’ll be a happy client for long unless they change.

    Currently I’m trading with Finvasia, the only broker who does not charge brokerage plus their client support is so much better than any other I’ve traded with. That’s what makes it different from other brokers, so far. I do expect the upcoming broker Paytm to shake up but few things I’m worried, expecting their upcoming overload server and client support. And brokerage too if they offer cashback T&C offer to reimburse brokerage, atleast that’s what I can expect their business. lol

  • Consider finvasia as well, atm they are one of the most economical and best brokers in the industry.

  • @UniQueme @Tarun You seem to be a Finvasia fan 🙂 What kind of special services do they offer? I mean sometimes I feel all brokers provide somewhat similar services. Its a matter of satisfaction and support you get.

  • @Ishu said in Which is The Best Stock Broking Firm in India?:

    Its a matter of satisfaction and support you get

    Exactly, it’s a matter of brokerages, stable platform and client support which stand them apart in my personal experience. But things to note that I’m mainly focused on intraday/short-term plans, so I gave review based on hard-core intraday.

    There were several glitches I faced in some brokers since last 2 years and I was tired of losses made through it, it was totally unacceptable and customer supports were not able to handle the calls during downtime.

    Speaking from experience, no broker crossed Finvasia’s overall services. That’s why I stay with them. But if you’re talking about long-term investment, then there’s no trouble in picking broker since funds will go to demat only, all you have to worry is hidden charges and fair services.

  • @Rahul00792 I think Zerodha tops the list of best stock broking in India. Its user friendly platform, cool apps, supportive customer support are impressive. My vote goes to Zerodha only. A great trading platform!

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