(Last Updated: September 17, 2019)
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RBL Platinum Maxima Credit Card : Review, Eligibility, Features

  • Recently, I got an email from RBL bank about their Credit Card called as RBL Platinum Maxima Credit Card. I looked at the email and went on to review the features and eligibility of the card. The card features and other things looked interesting to me. Lets dig straight away onto the salient features of the card.

    • First up, this card is a lifestyle card, so you will get plenty of features and benefits but they will come at a cost.
    • You get straight away 8000 reward points as a welcome gift
    • Additional 20,000 reward points on spend of 3.5L rupees or above, additional 10,000 reward points on spending of Rs 2.0L or above

    Lets now dig into various important parameters that one looks into while taking a credit card:

    Fuel Surcharge Waiver: None but you get 5x reward points on fuel spends.
    Dining Benefits: 5x Reward points
    **Movie Tickets: ** 1 Free Movie ticket per month on upto Rs 200 on Bookmyshow.
    Airport Lounge Access: 2 complimentary airport lounge access on domestic airports per quarter.
    Reward Points: 2 for every Rs 100 Spent, 5 For some other categories like fuel and dining.
    Annual Fees: Rs 2000
    **Finance Charges: **3.5%
    **Penalty:**15% of total amount due
    (Minimum Rs. 350-Maximum Rs. 1000)
    **Foreign Currency Commission: **3.5%

    Should you go for RBL Platinum Maxima Credit ?
    From the features and benefits, it looks like if you are spending a lot on dining or Fuel, then the annual fees will make it bang the buck. The nil fuel surcharge waiver is a bit turn off though.

    What are your thoughts on RBL Platinum Maxima Card ?

  • I have read the benefits of this credit card offered by the RBL bank. I think these are amazing benefits in the form of points whichxaee easy to earn as well. I am highly interested in it due to the fuel and dining expenditure points, what is your story?

  • @jatinderchd This card seems to be quite expensive. I checked the annual fee is Rs.4k for this RBL credit card. Don't you think it is too high? May be it can suit premium customers. The rewards are amazing but this doesn't suit my pocket. I'll prefer a lesser or no fee card instead of this. Rest, its my view, others opinion may vary.

  • If you are using it for the first time then this is pretty good for the first year. You can get benefit of 8000 points worth Rs. 2000 along with the other benefits. But from next year onwards this card is average and not so much of value.

  • @jatinderchd RBL Platinum Maxima card is a premium credit card. The main attractions of this credit card are:

    • Welcome gift of 8000 reward points.
    • Complimentary lounge access
    • Movie tickets
    • Additional reward points based on your spending style.

    It's a premium card with some extra benefits so the fee is a bit on higher side. The first year fee is Rs.2000 and from 2nd year onwards Rs.2000 annual fee. @Aggarwalshipra I agree to your point, first year its pretty good. Overall, this seems to be an average card. There are so many good credit cards available at lesser fee. What do you think?

  • @jatinderchd Hi, the RBL Platinum Maxima Credit card seems quite useful and the rewards programme is great. But, the membership fee of Rs.2000 is bit higher for me. I was looking for a card that has lesser joining fee and gives good reward points also. Can anyone suggest a good rewards credit card?

  • @Aggarwalshipra @alisha I think the fee for RBL Platinum credit card is Rs.2000 only now. But, still it is quite high for me 🙂 I like this credit card, but looking for a cheaper and affordable option.

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