(Last Updated: November 6, 2019)
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What is the most reliable and safest way to build wealth?

  • Well, if you’re looking for wealth building investment options then based on my assumption that your goal is to achieve financial freedom. If that’s the case, my only answer is, invest in stocks. Whether you invest directly in the stock market or invest through equity mutual funds. Either way, you can reap the benefit of high returns received in stock investing.

    But, knowing the investment option is not enough to build wealth over time. Many investors succeed to make wealth with just fixed income deposits, debt funds, and bonds. What you need to know is how you can structure your savings and investments in a way that can help you to build wealth over time.

    Financial independence is a stage where you no longer need to work for money only if you’re interested. And you’ve enough finances saved and invested that allow you to maintain your lifestyle even when you are not working. Financial independence can help you achieve your dreams and goals that once impossible.

    But, to live such a life, one has to follow a strict disciplinary approach and implement it within your lifestyle. For instance, you need to start tracking your income, expenses, and savings. Create a budget plan that allows you to handle your expenses and still come out with enough funds to make investments for future goals. In doing so, you also need to clear off your debts which may stop you from achieving your goal of building wealth.

    Once you are done with all that you should create a short-term emergency fund in case of any unfortunate event or unexpected expense. By having an emergency fund, you can ensure that your long-term investments won’t get interrupted by short-term expenses.

    After this, you can start looking for investment options for long-term investments. As I mentioned earlier, direct equity investments and mutual funds is a great way of wealth building. You can select from the stocks and mutual funds and decide which one can give you better returns in the future. Make sure to pick one that helps you in achieving your financial goals hassle-free.

    Next, you will have to keep patient and maintain your investment portfolio without the worries of short-term fluctuation and timely diversify it for risk management. Trust me, over the years, it will help you generate the income that would not only help you build wealth but give you the financial freedom that you always longed for.

  • @invest19 Very rightly said! But, investing in stocks may not be the best option for all. A lot of risk is involved in direct stock market investing. So, one needs to be cautious and act wisely. What about people who don't wish to take any risk and don't want to put their hands in the dynamic stock market?

  • @invest19 Starting a disciplinary investing approach is essential to attain financial freedom. However, it's easier said than done. We tend to deviate from our financial goals every now and then for one reason or another.

    I believe, in today's tech savvy world, automation of investments is a good way to invest regularly and build wealth. Even if we forget to put money, the automation feature (e.g. auto debits to SIP) will continue and keep accumulating our wealth.

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