(Last Updated: October 2, 2019)
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Fincash Review: How to login and invest in SIP in Mutual funds?

  • I recently heard about Fincash, an online mutual fund investment platform. Their tagline says, "invest in best performing mutual funds". Do they actually guide in doing so? I mean, I want to put some amount in mutual funds.

    So, should I invest in SIP in mutual funds through it? Is Fincash login and investment through it easy and beneficial? Or there is another better alternative available to it?

  • @Anmol Hi, Fincash is a yet another online investing platform that was started in 2016 or you can call it a fintech startup. Having raised funding, it has grown fast to give tough competition to other market players.

    I know, there are so many investment platforms these days, one is likely to get confused which one to select.

    Briefing you, Fincash is a Mutual fund investment platform that offers simple solutions to your investing needs (as their site says).

    Fincash: Key Products

    The following are its main attractions:

    • SavingsPlus
    • SmartSIP
    • Tax Savers
    • New Fund Offers

    What I like is, they allow you to practice

    • Smart Investment: Funds are selected by industry specialists.
    • DIY approach: You can explore and choose funds yourself.

    Although, its SIP plan sounds attractive, but no one can guarantee high returns in mutual funds. The returns are influenced by market fluctuations.

    However, the investing platform looks easy to use and suggests you solutions based on your long term goals.

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