(Last Updated: September 9, 2019)
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Prabhudas Lilladher Pvt. Ltd.: Stock Broking Firm in India

  • Have you heard or read about "Prabhudas Lilladher Pvt.Ltd." a popular stock broking firm in India.

    PL India: Formation & Glimpse

    Shahrukh Khan is a legend in the Indian film industry. We all know his name and movies irrespective of our age and liking. Did you know that there are legendary pioneers in financial markets as well?

    That brings me to today’s topic, "Prabhudas Lilladher".

    Let me start by answering the first question: Who or What is Prabhudas Lilladher?
    Prabhudas Lilladher or more popularly known as PL India is one of the oldest stockbroking houses in India. The company was registered in the year 1944 by Prabhudas Lilladher as a stock broking company in India.

    But, over the years the company has seen a gradual growth and expanded to become a one-stop-shop for companies all financial needs.

    The company’s headquarters is at Mumbai but it has spread its presence in over 30+ cities of India.

    Moreover, PL India is known for developing and implementing customized solutions for any client’s financial problems which in-turn empowers the client to work efficiently.

    One of the companies “Prabhudas Lilladher Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.” a subsidiary company that is also an RBI approved Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) branch of PL group helps their clients to manage funds for their companies and organizations.

    Now, I will try and explain a few services offered by the corporation.

    PL India: Services Offered
    1. Online Trading:
    The organization provides online as well as offline trading services. It provides trading opportunities through Equity, Future & Option, and Commodities & currency.

    2. Structured products: They offer services in distribution of a variety of customized financial products with unique risk to rewards equations that help meet financial objectives.

    3. Private client group: It aims at understanding the unique needs of the clients and enhances financial growth with personalized attention.

    4. Margin funding:
    It offers margin funding finance against shares & securities to meet fund requirements of various categories of borrowers that include Retail & HNI, HNIs, HUFs, and Corporate entities. PL India also aids and encourages investment opportunities in primary market issues and Mutual Fund Schemes by providing financial help.

    1. NRI services:
      A personalised solution for different NRI investment needs.

    Institutional Business Services Offered by PL India

    Institutional Broking:
    PL is ranked as one of the top institutional brokers in India. It covers secondary market Institutional and marketing of equity trading offerings including IPO to domestic and foreign institutional investors.

    Corporate Advisory:
    Investment banking: The organization also provides investment banking facility to the high net worth client which helps them with their capital needs. A few services offered are IPO, FPO, Buy Back of shares, Delisting of shares, Right Issue, etc.

    To empower their users and enable them to reap the benefit to the fullest, below are the products offered by the corporation:

    Products Offered by PL India

    • Investactive (Equity and Mutual Fund)
    • Systematic investments in stocks (SIS)
    • Stock lending & borrowing (SLB)
    • Trader's edge indices
    • Alternative Investment funds
    • Insurance
    • Portfolio Management Services (PMS)

    The company is a legend in itself. It started its journey long way back and is still rising with such a spread of product and services and expanding the horizon of clientele base.

    @Sandra @Ishu @stephbaker @Trader-buddy What are your views on PL India Ltd.? Any experience or feedback you wish to add here. Feel free to discuss.

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