(Last Updated: August 23, 2019)
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Zerodha Streak Review: Algo Trading Platform Pricing & Features

  • Here I shall do an exclusive ZERODHA STREAK REVIEW, highlighting its features, pricing and important details.

    Trading in today’s time has been easy as there are so many products to help you navigate through different options and opportunities. Zerodha Company is stated as India’s largest and the best-rated trading platform.

    "Zerodha Streak" is one of the many useful products offered by the robust company. In fact, "Streak" is an online algo trading platform for which you require no coding skills. Many of us struggle with trading algorithms due to lack of coding skills. Therefore, Streak presents itself as a solution to this persistent dilemma.

    So, let's see now...

    What is Zerodha "STREAK"?

    Streak is an extension to Kite. Streak is the world’s first retail Algo trading platform for which you don't require any coding skills. It serves around 9 million customers and has integrated with Zerodha, India’s largest discount broker.

    Streak helps you to create more than one million unique algos with various permutations and combinations with the help of more than seventy indicators.

    • You are able to create strategies within a minute.
    • Backtest these strategies on historical market data and deploy these strategies live in the market. Backtesting is a process of assessing a strategy’s effectiveness in generating profit by analyzing and applying a set of rules to historical data. The streak has the most powerful backtesting engine in the world that generates performance metrics for multiple stocks in a single click.
    • The streak interface is simple to understand, intuitive in its approach and extremely easy to work upon.

    How does Streak work?

    Streak works in 3 simple steps:
    1. Create Algorithm:
    You can create an algorithm just by few clicks. The algo creation system is user-friendly wherein you can enter stop loss and target profit percentage after selecting the stocks you want to trade with.
    2. Backtest:
    You can easily test these created algorithms. Streak has a powerful back-testing engine that generates performance metrics for multiple stocks in just one click.
    3. Deploy:
    Once after creating and testing these algorithms, you can deploy them in the market as per your need and requirement.

    Zerodha Streak: Features to Know

    1. Mutiple condition for creating algorithm: The user can add up to 5 conditions to their strategic algo to enable the user to track the progress of their portfolio.
    2. Technical Indicators: Streak has all the popular technical indicators such as Bollinger bands, Supertrend, Moving averages, RSI, Momentum Indicator and more. Chart patterns such as Spinning top and Engulfing pattern are also available on the platform.
    3. Backtest result display: The user can result displayed for each of their algorithm testings. Each result comprises of a P&L curve, key performance metrics, and a downloadable transactions table.
    4. Multiple Scripts deployment: The user can select up to 20 scripts at the same time and deploy them all at once.
    5. Mobile Notification: You receive real-time updates on the algo deployed through mobile notifications. All the activities for the day, such as orders placed and worked will show up on the Kite order book. These would be notified to the user through mobile alerts.

    How to start using "Streak"?
    The product is available through an internet browser. As the product is an extension to "KITE" you can use kite login to access the "Streak" platform and start right away.

    Thus, this impressive platform not only enables its users to arrange conditions to empower them to make financial planning easy, but also help you with multiple options to create your own conditions.

    What do you think about Zerodha Streak? Have you tried it? Did I miss any important point here? Do share your views pr feedback, if any.

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