(Last Updated: October 9, 2019)
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List of Stock Exchanges in India: How many are there?

  • Do you know how many stock exchanges are there in India? This sounds to be a very easy query. But, are you actually familiar with the list of stock exchanges in India in total? Let's analyse this a bit!

    You might have read and heard about 2 popular and biggest stock exchanges in India:

    • BSE or Bombay Stock Exchange
    • NSE or National Stock Exchange

    So, did you think that BSE and NSE are the only stock exchanges? If yes, you are probably mistaken.

    List of Stock Exchanges in India:
    Apart from the 2 large stock exchanges in India i.e. Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd. (BSE) and National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. (NSE) there are 4 other popular ones:

    1. Calcutta Stock Exchange Ltd.
    2. Metropolitan Stock Exchange of India Ltd. (Valid upto 15 Sep'19)
    3. India International Exchange Ltd. (India INX) (Valid upto Dec'19)
    4. NSE IFSC Ltd. (Valid upto May 2020)

    List of Commodity Exchanges in India:
    When we talk of stocks, we do need to add details on commodities as well. So, here are the popular commodity exchanges listed in India:

    1. Indian Commodity Exchange Ltd.
    2. Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd.
    3. National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange Ltd.

    It's really crucial to gather information about stock exchanges before you step into trading. The companies and investors need to follow certain rules and regulations and do transactions accordingly.

    No doubt, BSE and NSE are the biggest stock exchanges, but having an idea on others does help. Hey, did I miss any important name or detail? Do let me know and share your views also

  • @Ishu Hi, I though there were just 2 stock exchanges in India i.e. NSE and BSE. Actually these stock exchanges are the ones we read and hear about maximum. Thanks for adding details.

  • Magadh Stock Exchange Ltd. seems to be out and nowhere to be found on the list nor in exited exchange here. https://www.sebi.gov.in/stock-exchanges.html

  • @Tarun Hi, thanks for pointing out. Yes, Magadh Stock exchange was closed way back. So, we should discuss on active stock exchanges only.

  • @Tarun Thanks buddy! May be I added an old one in my list. But, yes now it's updated with the list of stock exchanges that are currently active in India.

  • @Ishu
    Thanks for asking this question.
    Stock exchange is a place where investor buy and sell the shares of a company. As of now there are 23 SEBI approved Stock Exchanges in the country. Stock market is managed and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). Indian stock exchanges may refer to the 18 official stock exchanges located in India, the largest of which are the NSE and BSE.
    Thank you!

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