(Last Updated: August 14, 2019)
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SP Tulsian Reviews: Services, Charges, App & Analysis

  • Have you heard of "SP TULSIAN" a leading stock advisory service provider in India. If yes great! If not, you'll become aware of the popular investment adviser Mr. S P Tulsian focused on clearing your stock market related queries and offering useful trading tips.

    Thinking about investing?? There are so many online and offline offers available to help you or direct you to the correct investment opportunity. From automatic reports and analysis to personalized services, there are many service providers to help you decide better. Yes today, we are going to discuss India’s leading stock investment advisor "SP Tulsian".

    SP TULSIAN: Development of the Brand
    SP Tulsian has seen an amazing journey and has reached this stage. The organization was formed as “Premium Investments” in 1991: a weekly English investment tabloid. It became India’s highest-selling weekly, among over 50 periodicals, at that time.

    With the rise of electronic media where news was available 24X7 on all medias the weekly was closed in 2001.

    In 2007, it was re-launched as www.premiuminvestments. in , an internet version of the weekly. The only change was that instead of weekly now the website provided investment news 24/7 to reach the users at a real-time basis.

    In 2012 www.sptulsian. com was re-constructed replacing premiuminestment. in. Since then the organization has been keeping pace with technological developments. It has recently celebrated its tenth-year anniversary of helping investors to create wealth and invest smartly.

    It has a very dedicated team which has been associated with the organization since its initiation.

    The SP Tulsian website has two clear-cut out zones on their website:

    • Member Zone: This detail available on this page is for the subscribed members. The subscriber can raise their concern and the team will work to resolve them. Apart from query solving the subscribed gets the benefit of Trading tips, Long-term investment stocks, Golden stocks, Multibagger stocks, etc.

    • Free Zone: These pages are free of cost and thus anyone can access the same. The generic information available to all are: IPO Analysis, Market News, Stocks to stay away from (or Danger Stocks), Stock Market study (Pathshala), etc.

    Cost of using SP Tulsian
    The website works on a subscription basis. Thus the individual needs to decide the period of such service of subscription and pay accordingly.

    The subscription structure and cost is as below:

    Basic (with no stock query post o view facility): Rs.2000 per month
    Standard (with query view but no post facility): Rs.3000 per month
    Full (with both query view and post facility): Rs. 4000 per month

    Note: These costs are exclusive of GST. On these charges 18% of GST is applicable.

    Also, let me tell you one thing, each subscription package has a pre-determined number of query to be posted

    Note: Any such subscription is for personal use by a member-only and not for any commercial use. In case of multiple logins with the same username and password, the website may impose a restriction on an account.

    How to subscribe and become a member of the website
    To become a subscribed member on the website, you need to follow below steps:

    • Fill the registration form with correct personal details and registration information such as username, email, mobile number.

    • Choose your package and payment method: Member Zone or Free Zone.

    • Enter financial information to ascertain your risk profile.

    • Finally, make your payment.

    And you are member now!!

    SP TULSIAN is one of India’s highly followed market experts famous for their independent research, unbiased views, and stock picking ability. These qualities give them a superior edge over others competitors in the market.

    Did I miss any important point? Do let me know! Have you tried SP Tulsian services or member zone in specific? Do you have any views pr experiences to share with us. Feel free to discuss.

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