(Last Updated: January 24, 2020)
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Small Business Loans in India: LendingKart Reviews

  • Transforming your idea into reality is the most beautiful feeling. I started my business 2 years back and unlike others I too went through a lot of ups and downs.

    But, LendingKart helped me throughout it. I already had some saved money for my start up but I needed working capital loan for running my business. I found out that it provides start up business loans.

    After researching about the company I found out all the benefits of all the small business loan services LendingKart offer. I opted for their customized Working Capital Loan for small enterprise and things changed. My loan got processed in just 70 hours without providing any collateral asset. I am very happy with the services.

  • @ashish001 I too have heard about LendingKart. They offer small business loans. But, is it that easy to avail a loan especially if one is a new businessman? What are the eligibility conditions to avail easy business loan in India? All institutions ask for a good credit background before approving loan.

    Also, can we apply from anywhere in India or are there any restrictions? Can you guide on this.

  • @ashish001 There are so many loan providers these days. It's hard to decide which loan to apply for? Which one is genuine lender and won't charge high interest from the applicant? These points are of concern before applying for any kind of business or personal loan.

  • @Anmol - Yes, you can apply for a business loan anywhere from India. Also, you can apply online for an instant business loan.

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