(Last Updated: September 14, 2019)
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Scripbox Review: Advantages to Invest in Mutual funds Online

  • I like to review different online investment platforms. So this time I'll share "SCRIPBOX REVIEW".

    Investment Platforms: Importance
    Investments are a nightmare for many investors. Market risks and lack of adequate knowledge of the market discourages many investors from making a move towards mutual fund investments. “Scripbox” is a solution to this impending dilemma.

    Scripbox: Overview
    Scripbox India Private Limited, founded by Sanjiv Singhal and Ashok Kumar, is an online platform that provides mutual funds. It helps investors to make the necessary financial plans and to take the proper steps to achieve their financial goals.

    The idea of Scripbox which started in in Bengaluru in 2012 now manages assets over 1100+ crore for over 1 million member investors. Scripbox has become a well-trusted platform for Indians wary about investing in mutual funds and other related schemes.

    Not only that, but the company has won many awards and recognition from many renowned newspapers like HINDU, ECONOMIC TIMES, etc. The company has also have been awarded the “Best Banks Award” from Financial Express.

    What is Scripbox?
    Scripbox is an online platform which helps oneself to achieve their financial goals by providing advisory services on mutual fund investment and related schemes.

    Therefore, Scripbox helps you at each step of investment and financial planning:

    • The platform helps you to set the right financial goals: There are pre-determined plans listing which you can choose from (like child plan, retirement, become a crorepati) or can create your own plans.

    • Scripbox helps you to create your customized financial plans.

    • This investing platform helps you to make the right investments.

    • Once these investments are made the platform on a regular basis monitor the portfolios progress and help you achieve your financial target.

    In short, the Scripbox acts as a tool which helps you to achieve the set financial goals via comprehensive planning. It also coordinates and helps you to choose a balanced investment style with minimal risk.

    Hence, this investment platform keeps up with the financial changes happening around its clients. The changes may include rise in college costs or rises in inflation and then provides advice accordingly.

    How does Scripbox work? How to open an Account?
    It’s very easy to open an account. Below are the steps to open one for yourself:

    • Select your age and fill other details.
    • Provide the details of your marital status and number of kids
    • Select the desired plan.
    • Finally, select the investment sum on a monthly basis.

    Done that! This investment platform will provide the permutations and combinations of all these and let you choose any one selective amount and plan.

    Voila! Your account is created and now you start investing. The platform is very user-friendly and it’s very easy to navigate through the tool. There are simple steps to be followed in case one wants to re-plan financial goals.

    Scripbox: Advantages

    1. You can check the progress of the portfolio on a regular basis through reports and financial insights as provided by the tool.
    2. There is no lock-in period thus you can withdraw anytime.
    3. You can also choose from different tax-saving plans available with them.
    4. Also, Scripbox is in the planning of entering the insurance market, so as to enable their subscribers to get the attached benefits to such an insurance scheme.

    Scripbox: Review
    All in all, Scripbox is your personal fund management platform which helps you and your family to set and achieve their targeted financial needs and requirements. So, I may not be wrong in saying “ Scripbox is a platform which is like your "robo investment advisor".

    What do you think about "Scripbox"? I know there are so many investment portals around, so we are likely to get confused. It's better to firstly check your financial priorities and then start your investment with a tool which advises you at every step and ensures that you don’t make any wrong decision. Feel free to share your views as well.

  • I have invested in mutual funds for 5 years plan 1000/- per month and I really liked the expected results.

  • @stephbaker @Smart2Investor I have read that Scripbox has merged with Upwardly Is it true? If it is so, Scripbox is likely to become a robust investment platform.

    Scripbox+Upwardly sounds to be a great combination!

    What do you think? Will it be giving tough competition to other similar mutual fund investing portals?

  • @Smart2Investor This is quite an informative post on Scripbox. To add here, financial advisory startup Upwardly has merged with Scripbox the online investment platform. So, this combined team shall now work together to provide investment related services to customers.
    Don't you think this is a wise step to increase customer base? I feel this can surely help widen their business and client base.

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