(Last Updated: April 30, 2020)
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Financial Planning & Personal Finance Tips for Beginners

  • Hi everyone! My name is Brock and I joined this forum to learn more about being financially responsible. Does anyone have any tips about how to effectively use this forum? Thanks a lot!

  • Hi Brock, I also joined this financial forum sometime back. It's quite a decent forum with genuine information and active discussions on financial planning, investment, credit cards, money saving ideas etc.
    Most of topics are India specific. But, you can initiate a healthy discussion on any interesting trending global topics as well.

  • Hey, Its just so simple to be a part of this personal finance and investment discussion forum. You just need to create your account and start posting financial queries. The members are quick enough to reply and share their feedback on different financial topics.
    The best part of this financial forum is that you can also ask your query as a guest. So, that's so easy! But, just make sure, no spamming is allowed. Your query/post shall be approved only if it is genuine and it shall add some value to this platform.

  • I also joined to this financial forum. I now want to boost my credit score. Any good ideas for that, please share here. Contact to https://www.boostcredit101.com/

  • I would say one of the best financial planning tips would be to invest it in a regular fixed SIP. My other tip would be to, of course, look for more ways to earn money. In the current climate, having just one source of income is simply not enough. You can explore freelancing on Upwork, blogging or reselling through online apps like Shop101 and Meesho to get started.

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