(Last Updated: July 19, 2019)
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5paisa Mobile App Review: Is it the Best of Online Stock Trading Apps?

  • Are you familiar with 5paisa Mobile app? If you have interest in investing or stock trading, you might be aware of the popular investment platform 5paisa and its mobile trading app. Even if you don't know I'll give you a glimpse of the 5paisa mobile trading app.

    No doubt, 5paisa is one of the leading discount brokers in India. So, when it comes to convenience and ease, 5paisa offers trading from anywhere through its fast growing mobile application.

    So, I just came across 5paisa app, and thought to review this dynamic tool allowing trading at your fingertips.

    Let's gather some useful and in-depth details on this advanced mobile trading app.

    5paisa App: Features to Know
    1. A One Stop Solution: 5paisa mobile app offers an all-in-one solution to your investing needs. May it be stocks, mutual funds, commodity, currency, insurance etc.

    2. Easy User Interface: This application provides a user friendly interface even for beginners.

    3. Single Click: You can enjoy seamless trade execution with a single click, all possible through this interesting app.

    4. Real-time Updates: Get live quotes and market updates along with other stock market news.

    5. Detailed Analysis: You have access to advanced charts and watchlist for doing a detailed analysis.

    6. Auto-Investor: Through this advisory feature you can pick different plans as per your financial goals.

    5paisa App: What you get from this mobile trading application?

    • Open demat and trading account easily.
    • Get live stock market quotes.
    • Invest in equity, derivatives & currency listed at BSE and NSE.
    • You can trade in equities, F& O and currency segments.
    • Trade on MCX through this app.
    • Take intraday positions with your equity account.
    • Invest in mutual funds online. The "Auto Investor" feature helps build a customised MF portfolio.
    • Access to advanced charts and screening tools.

    Of course, there are various other trending apps like Zerodha Kite 3 that provides a bulk of impressive features. You surely need to check them out as well.

    5paisa App: Where to download?

    Now, that you have read all about the features and utility of the 5paisa mobile application. You must be interested in knowing where to get it. As simple as that, you can easily download the 5paisa mobile trading app on the APP store or get it on Google play.

    Have you tried the 5paisa mobile app? If yes, how was your experience using this highly rated mobile app? If not, which stock trading app do you prefer? Which is the best stock trading app in India? Feel free to share your views on any of the online share trading apps.

  • @Ishu Hi, 5paisa app is overall a good to use application. I use it and I am quite satisfied with it. It's quite simple to use and offers a number of useful features.

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