(Last Updated: November 6, 2019)
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FundsIndia Review: Investment Platform for Mutual Funds, Equity, SIP & ELSS

  • I like discussing on different investment platforms. This time I have brought and exclusive Funds India Review for you to checkout.

    FundsIndia: Overview
    FundsIndia is an exclusive online investment platform in India where people can make investments in mutual funds. Its resilient technology offers an array of the various mutual fund options to users from many leading investment houses in India.

    In addition, the users also get access to BSE stocks, corporate fixed deposit schemes, and many other investment options in a single place. Therefore, FundsIndia is a single-window solution to the users for their investment and trade necessities.

    FundsIndia: Features
    Funds India offers investment advice to its users in equity, mutual funds, super savings account, fixed deposits, IPOs, NCDs, and many more with negligible or no brokerage charges.

    Its robo advisory facility called Money Mitr recommends various fund and investment options to its clients based on their investment requirements. Thus, owing to its robust investment advice, the users have invested around ₹6200 crores across 2,000 Indian cities via the platform.

    Advantages of Investments through FundsIndia
    The users of Funds India can avail the following benefits on using the platform:

    • Zero charges for opening an account with FundsIndia.

    • Free advice on mutual fund investments.

    • A small brokerage charge deducted from the users’ account.

    • Extensive research at the primary level via robo advisory, thereby avoiding human errors in investments predictions.

    • Round the clock physical and electronic security via 256-bit encryption for all customer data.

    Brokerage Charges of Funds India
    FundsIndia platform charges discounted brokerage charges for financial investments related to equity and derivatives. It charges ₹20 for every executed order of equity delivery, equity intraday, equity futures, and equity options. However, no brokerage charges are imposed for mutual funds.

    Account Opening Charges
    You can open a trade account or a demat account with FundsIndia free of cost. In addition, there is no account maintenance charge (AMC) for a demat account. However, AMC is applicable for maintaining a trade account from the second year of account activation.

    FundsIndia App: Accessing Funds India via Mobile App
    The mobile app of FundsIndia has gained prominence among the users because of its frequent app updating feature. Some unique features of the app that make it popular are:

    • The app allows making investments in mutual funds and equity.

    • The app offers robo advice, which is similar to Angel Broking’s ARQ feature.

    • The users have easy access to market watch list. Moreover, alert messages can also be viewed conveniently.

    • The app also provides news updates from the share market and investment suggestions regularly.

    However, the allocation of assets and separation of funds are vaguely displayed on the app.

    FundsIndia: Review
    FundsIndia is a unique online investment platform that offers guidance to its users for making fair and wise investments. It guides its users about fund and investment choices through its robo advisory facility called Money Mitr to make trade decisions in mutual funds, equity, super savings account, recurring deposits, and more.

    You can open a trade or demat account with Funds India free of charge. Moreover, AMC is applicable only from the second year for maintaining a trade account. More so, the platform does not levy any brokerage charges for mutual fund investments. Therefore, Funds India is an ideal online platform, which provides valuable insights for investing in mutual funds.

    However, this is not the only investing platform offering such attractive benefits. Look around, you'll get a plenty of mutual fund platforms providing great services. So, which one do you prefer? Feel free to share your views.

  • @Smart2Investor These features in FundsIndia sounds amazing. But, the only concern in this is the reliability on this brand. Till now people get more attracted for investment to the brand. The features in which proper counselling is given also seem good.

  • @Smart2Investor Hi, how safe is FundsIndia for investing in mutual funds? A friend told me about it. I am a newcomer in the investment field. I researched a lot. But, I am really confused. Where to open my account? Which mutual fund investing platform is good?

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