(Last Updated: March 30, 2018)
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Planning Portfolio with home loan payments

  • Hy
    I need to ask few things, my name is Jaswant.

    I have taken home every month 170000 in these Yearly I pay 236000 I took insurance which is private and I have medical insurance from apollo which is nearly 10k for 5 lacs.

    My monthly spending is Rs.40000 and my age is 42 I want to retire at age of 56 and I need at least 1 lakh per month for entire life so what should I do and where and how much should I invest each month.

  • Hi,your investments should be based on your long term goals and the risk that you can afford to take.

    You should plan to diversify your investments,if you want to grow your money in the right direction.You can put some money in fixed income bearing investments to earn assured returns like PPF,fixed deposits etc.But,to get higher returns you will need to take some risk and invest in different options like mutual funds.

    For detailed info you can refer our blog http://fintrakk.com/5-best-long-term-investment-options-in-india/

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