(Last Updated: July 28, 2019)
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Paytm First vs Ola Money SBI Credit Card: Key Differences

  • You might have already heard about 2 latest entrants in the bunch of credit cards in India. One is Paytm First Credit card and the second is Ola Money SBI Credit card, both launched almost at the the same time. So, I just want to highlight the key differences between these 2 credit cards: Paytm First vs Ola Money Credit Card.

    Paytm First vs Ola Money Credit Card:

    1. Joining Fees:
    Paytm First credit card has a joining fee of Rs.500 only. This shall be waived if your spending exceeds Rs.50000 during a year. On the other hand, Ola money is a free credit card i.e. it has no joining fee.
    2. Cashback facility:
    For Paytm First credit card, it is 1% unlimited cashback on all categories. For Ola money, cash back and rewards in form of ola money to be redeemed for ola rides, hotel bookings and flights etc.
    3. Offers:
    Both are giving early bird offers in different forms that shall be for a limited period. Like Rs. 500 Ola Money on first transaction, cleartrip voucher, dining offers etc. Whereas Paytm is offering 15% discount at partner restaurants, movie ticket offers etc.

    In fact, both these credit cards sound really attractive to me. Two somewhat similar cashback credit cards launched simultaneously. Let's see which one is able to attract more customers. Which of these credit cards you like? Are you inclined towards getting any of these?

  • @Smart2Investor These 2 credit cards give cashback linked to their respective wallets i.e. Paytm wallet and Ola Money. For Ola Money I think we can choose bank account also to get cashback credits instead of Ola Money.

    So, if you already have an account with them, I think getting the credit card is much easier. Am I right in saying so? As far as features are concerned, I feel Ola SBI credit card is much better in terms of cashback and offers.

  • Considering offers I will go for the Paytm.
    Paytm really has good range of offers compared to others.

  • @stephbaker Yes, I'll also prefer Paytm first credit card only. This sounds to be a much better and affordable credit card with good benefits.

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