(Last Updated: May 20, 2019)
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What is the best way to get 15% p.a. return on investment?

  • This is for a short term goal of mine. I have a good amount of cash and I need the something closest to the word "guaranteed" (meaning lowest risk) way to accumulate that much gains in a year. I know that sounds unrealistic, but I seriously am in a need for 15% annual return. Is there any way to earn 15% p.a. return on investment? I am looking for genuine ways to earn money.

  • Getting 15% annual return seems a bit unrealistic that too in a very short period. I think stock market may give that much return but that's very very risky. And, there's no guarantee to earn profits only in stocks unless you are a stock market expert.
    "Mutual funds" might be a better way, but that too may not given you the desired return of 15% p.a in a short span of time.

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