(Last Updated: May 17, 2019)
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What is your Review on Ola Money SBI Credit Card India?

  • Hi, Ola has launched a visa powered credit card in partnership with SBI. What do you think about this Ola Money SBI Credit card? I read, it is a free credit card and has no joining fee. Powered by Visa, this Ola Money credit card is available on the Ola site.

    Further, they are offering various cashback offers like:

    • Ola cab: 7% cashback
    • Flight bookings: 5% cashback
    • Domestic hotel bookings: 20% cashback
    • International booking: 6% cashback
    • Restaurants: Upto 20% cashback

    Similar to what Paytm launched with Citibank earlier, through its Paytm First Credit card. Ola Money has joined this race and come up with this attractive new credit card in tie-up with SBI.

    So, here's another trending cashback credit card that shall provide seamless experience for the user.

    One after the other, these credit cards are being launched. After all, where are we heading? Of course, in an affordable digital world where customers can have an enriching experience altogether. Right!

    Do share your review on the Ola Money SBI Credit card in India? What do you think are the pros and cons of this card? Do share your views.

  • @Smart-Investor Reading the details, this Ola Money SBI credit card sounds quite useful. Do we need to have a good credit history for getting this card approved? Can anyone apply for this card? Or is it for Ola and SBI users only?

  • @Smart-Investor I wonder how many such more credit cards will be launched 😉 Paytm First credit card then this one Ola money SBI credit card, now which is next? The list of credit cards in India is just increasing day by day.

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