(Last Updated: May 23, 2019)
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Paytm First Credit Card India Review: Cashback & Offers

  • Paytm has launched its first ever Credit card in India in partnership with CitiGroup. Paytm has tied up with Citi and introduced the Paytm First Credit card .

    The most interesting part is this credit card is offering 1% "universal unlimited cashback" and there are no restrictions on the category of earnings.

    Paytm First Credit Card in India: Features

    • Annual Fee: Rs.500 only. This shall be waived of if your annual spending exceeds Rs.50000 and this seems quite attractive.
    • Application: You can directly apply for Paytm Credit card through the Paytm app.
    • Eligibility: The card shall be issued based on individual digital behaviour.
    • Offers: You can also grab promocodes on spending of Rs.10000 minimum.
    • Cashback facility: You can enjoy 1% cashback that shall be automatically credited to your account every month. Now, that's quite impressive!
    • Acceptance: Paytm First Credit card is an internationally acceptable card.
    • Extra Offers: The company is ready to offer exclusive offers on shopping, dining and travel in association with Citi Privileges Platform.

    Overall, this seems to be a good cashback credit card offering numerous other benefits as well. This shall definitely be a big attraction for the credit card applicants in India. In fact, it shall promote digital transactions as a result of the great cashback facility it provides to the customers.

    What do you think? What are your views on this newly launched Paytm First Credit card in India? Can it compete with the bulk of other already existing and best cashback credit cards in India? If you try this credit card, do share your feedback.

  • @Ishu Yes, I am also quite attracted towards this newly launched Paytm First Credit Card.

    Just look, paytm is leaving no stone unturned to become a financial giant with the big range of products its already offering and ready to offer many more soon.

    Further, this Paytm First Credit card is in tie-up with CitiGroup that has so many good credit cards for customers. Citibank credit cards are quite popular in India. And, this partnership with Paytm can be a game changer for both Paytm and Citi too.

    I am going to try this out, only if I get the credit card approved 😉 Let me check my eligibility firstly. I heard they don't require having strong credit history. If that's true, it can surely be a good card for the first time applicants without any credit history.

  • @Ishu Hi, Is this Paytm First credit card for paytm users only? Or can anyone apply for this credit card? Are there any specific eligibility requirements to get this cashback credit card approved easily? I am interested to get this one. So, what's the exact process to apply and get the Paytm card? Any views on it, I'll highly appreciate it.

  • @Ishu A good credit card. I will surely apply for this one soon. I am a regular paytm user and find their services really good. I’ll surely try this new Paytm First credit card and share my feedback on it 🙂

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