(Last Updated: May 13, 2019)

Groww Review: Charges, App Features, Benefits to Invest in Mutual Funds India

  • I was looking to invest in direct mutual funds. I was wondering on how to invest in direct mutual funds and which platform is the best. I came across many direct mutual fund investment platforms and Groww came across as one really good option. They allow you to invest in direct mutual funds platform Free of cost.

    The account opening was easy and KYC is not an issue if you are already KYC compliant(most of us are compliant, thanks to Amazon and Paytm). However what confuses me is how these platforms make money and what are the fine details ? Also what is the difference between each of them ? like paytm money, Zerodha Coin, Kuvera ? How they are different and how to chose one over the other ?

  • @brokerdude Hi, I think direct plans allow free of cost investing only irrespective of platform. Is it true? Please clarify on it. I heard many such platforms offer free incvesting only. So, it doesn’t matter with whom you are investing. Or is one investing portal different from other?

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