(Last Updated: May 13, 2019)

Wisdom Capital Review: Brokerage Charges, Is it a good Discount Broker, India?

  • While looking for a discount brokerage firm for my requirements(Long term investments, intraday investments, F&O investments), I came across Wisdom Capital Discount Broker in India. I wonder if some of you have Wisdom Capital review and if you would have an opinion on Wisdom Capital Vs Zerodha or Upstox, ICICI Securities.

    Wisdom Capital Review:

    Here are a few things that I found with Wisdom Capital:

    • They support all the segments across BSE, NSE and MCX.

    • That provides ability for you to trade Stocks, F&Os, Intraday, currencies and commodity.

    • Wisdom Capital Trading and Demat Account Opening is Free. Lifetime Maintainence Charges are 999 + taxes.

    • Trading Delivery/ is free at freedom plans and is charged at Rs 9 per trade or 0.05% in Pro Plan.

    • Pro Plans provide really high leverage for the user(sometimes of the order of 40X as compared to 5-10x of other brokers).
      Wisdom Capital Review.jpg

    All in All, it seems like that Wisdom Capital broker is good for both normal stock market investor as well as Professional Traders. What do you think? Any reviews will be appreciated. If you can also share a comparison of Wisdom Capital vs Zerodha, that would be really great!

  • Surprising thing about wisdom capital is that they charge for the pro plan and there are free trades in the normal plan. I was very surprised by that.

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