(Last Updated: May 11, 2019)
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Upstox Review: Demat Account Opening, Brokerage Plan

  • Hello,

    I see that upstox(earlier called as RKSV securities) has been gaining a lot of traction in discount broking world. I wonder if someone has experience trading on upstox like a long term investor as well as derivate trader ? Also, what are your reviews of upstox when compared to zerodha. I found out some quantitative stuff that I wanted to share when it came to upstox vs zerodha:

    With upstox you can trade equities, commodities, F&Os & Currencies. So basically every segment is covered.
    Just like zerodha, You have have 0 charges for delivery trades.
    Nice margins with an average of 3-4x leverage on Intraday trades. You can be a priority pack customer and get higher leverage.
    Nice set of tools for traders as well as long term value traders like Zerodha: Web app, Mobile app, desktop trading app, everything under your arsenal.
    One con that I found out was that it doesn't allow you to invest in IPO still.

    Would love to hear back any feedback on Upstox.

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