(Last Updated: May 13, 2019)
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No DP (Demat) Charges on Zerodha Coin redemption of Mutual Funds

  • Hi all, Zerodha has recently waived off DP charges on mutual fund redemption. Is anyone an active Zerodha Coin user? Did you get a mail confirming this fee waiver?

    Henceforth, the DP charge of Rs.5.5 per mutual fund redemption is no longer applicable. This seems to be a great move in favour of Zerodha Coin users.
    Isn't it a great initiative for the investors? I really liked their gesture. I mean Zerodha is ready with sweet surprises for its customers.

    Earlier, Coin platform was made free by waiving off monthly subscription charges of Rs.50 and now this big move. Zerodha is all set to give a very tough competition to other stock brokers and mutual fund platforms as well.

    What do you think? @Ishu @Tarun @UniQueme @stockinvestor @ishaantsingh013 @prateek049 Any opinions our forum members want to give, go ahead share your views.

  • I didn't know about DP charges which was there, it's good that it's waived off. But demat AMC is one thing which needs to be waived off too. Moreover, MFs should not link with demat form (because of this, I won't able to operate or access to MF holdings from AMC websites which is not good actually).

  • @Anmol @Tarun Yes, I also got a similar mail recently saying DP charges waived off. But, I am not a much of finance person. So, I couldn't guess much out of it. These technical terms are just beyond my understanding. Can anyone explain what DP charges exactly means? How it affects customer like me? Thanks.

  • @Anmol I wonder how come stock brokers are waiving off fees on different services. I hope this doesn’t affect their performance and service quality.

  • @Anmol yes I also got this mail. I like how Zerodha is just waiving off charges one after other. Really impressed by it.

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