(Last Updated: May 13, 2019)
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Zerodha Smallcase: What's it & Has anyone tried Smallcases on Zerodha?

  • Zerodha Smallcase, a one of its kind thematic investing for stock market in India. Or I should say "Invest in diversified ideas" model. Do you know about Smallcases on Zerodha and its features? This was launched way back, but the idea of sharing it clicked me right now 🙂

    Simply put, Smallcase is a basket of stocks reflecting a specific idea. Call it "a smartly weighted portfolio of stocks" that is based on an upcoming or trending market idea. e.g. rising rural demand, electric mobility or R & D spenders, etc.

    There's also an "all weather investing" smallcase. Sounds really interesting! What do you think?

    So, Zerodha Smallcase, is another unique way of investing your money through this leading stock broker in India.

    Investing in a basket of stocks through Smallcase protects you against volatility of investing in a single stock. New and experienced investors can invest in this bucket of stocks and lessen the associated risk.

    What is your take on it? Do you favour this kind of investing or not?

  • @Anmol This seems to be an innovative way. I came to know that 5paisa is also offering similar thing. It is called 5paisa small case I believe. More or less these stock brokers are compressing neck to neck to win the game.

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