(Last Updated: April 15, 2019)

Which is the best online platform to invest in Direct Mutual funds in India?

  • Mutual funds have got so much popularity in the past few years. As a result, a number of mutual fund platforms have grown and many new ones are emerging.

    So, one gets confused as to which is the best mutual fund platform in India? Which online investment platform we should use to start investing in mutual funds? Any suggestions or feedback on this.

  • @Anmol I feel Paytm money is a good choice. You can easily invest in mutual funds. There's not transaction fee on investments and a lot more useful features to explore.

  • @Anmol Yes, you are absolutely right. There are so many mutual fund portals coming up every other day. I too was looking for a good direct mutual fund investment platform in India.

    But, when you search on net to "Invest in mutual funds" a whole list of sites pops up. I read about Groww, Zerodha and PayTm etc. But, still not able to make out which one is best.

    Then, I landed here.
    We do need such an investment discussion forum to share feedback on different topics. Thanks a lot!

    If anyone can suggest a good mutual fund platform. I would really appreciate that. I am a salaried person and just wish to invest a small amount for better returns.

  • @Anmol I think Groww is doing fairly good. I have read positive reviews about it. Although, I haven't opened an account with them yet ūüėČ I''ll do some more research on direct funds and then take a final call. After all, its my hard earned money, I can't put it casually anywhere.

  • and I heard that Kuvera is really good, I haven't opened an account with them yet. ūüėõ
    Please check my other answer for reviewing about paytm, zerodha and others.

  • Even I liked Paytm money but what troubles me is that money will go to Paytm first before sending to AMC. That's one ugly disadvantage.

  • @Tarun You don't have a personal experience with Kuvera? How do you know about it? Can you share some points on why it is better than other mutual fund platforms in India? If you can add your views to this query: https://discuss.fintrakk.com/topic/32/kuvera-review-charges-features-for-direct-mutual-fund-investments It can help the users out there who are curious to learn more about Kuvera and other such direct mutual fund platforms. Thanks.

  • @Anmol Hey, you can try Zerodha Coin where you can do unlimited free investments in direct mutual funds. This means, you can buy direct funds online for free from AMCs through this investing portal.

  • I feel Zerodha is better than Paytm money right now.

    Although, Paytm money can give good competition to it. I recently read an article where the CEO of Zerodha himself expressed that Paytm is the only company that can compete with it. He further added "the one with the best product shall win". Nice thoughts. In fact, very rightly said!

    However, Zerodha surely has an advantage of being an old and very strong player.

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