(Last Updated: May 10, 2019)
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What's the best time to buy stocks during the day? India

  • I was just searching about stock market tips in India. One question came to my mind: Is there a best time to buy stocks during the day? I mean, what's the best time of day to buy stocks or shares in India? Some rules or ideas on stock investments shall really be helpful.

  • @Anmol Hi, Is there actual a best time to buy or sell stocks in India or anywhere? I am not so aware of these financial tips. You can call me a newbie in the stock world. But, I am interested in learning a lot more about this. Do let me also know if there's a particular time of the day that can yield maximum returns on our investment.

  • @Anmol I won't say it the best idea. But, avoid buying a stock on bullish day. You may end up buying at its peak price which doesn't sound as good. This shall further lead to lesser returns. I usually place an order in smaller lots so that I can average out the price.

    Stock market is a bit tricky. You can't predict any certainty. So, be very careful. That's my piece of advice.

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