(Last Updated: May 2, 2019)
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Zerodha vs Upstox: Which one is better ?

  • Hello,

    I am looking to open an account with a discount broker and I have shortlisted upstox and Zerodha. I want to trade in only equity segment and it seems like that upstox account opening charges are lower than zerodha. Does anyone have any opinion on which one is better in zerodha vs upstox comparison.


  • @stockinvestor HI, I have heard a lot about Zerodha from my friends. Just like you, I am also looking to open an account, but not able to finalise which stock broker is the best? My friend suggesting to go with Zerodha. But, I want to do proper research and don't want take any chances.

  • @stockinvestor I think Zerodha is far better. My vote definitely goes to Zerodha. A very decent platform even for beginners in stock investing.

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