(Last Updated: April 30, 2019)
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Can you tell if your Financial Advisor is worth it?

  • Traders who don’t possess the financial knowledge and skills to trade in the stock market choose to opt for a financial advisor or research analyst to trade in the stock market.

    By using an advisor’s recommendation trader buy or sell a financial asset in believing to make profits from their trade.

    But, buying or selling on someone else’s recommendation is risky. One miscalculation and you could lose the entire capital. Financial planning needs to be done systematically.

    So, is there is a way to check the performance to the financial advisor?

    How to know if the financial advisor is worth it or not?

    Well, there aren’t many platforms that offer user such facility to assess the performance of the financial advisor except few like Advisorymandi.

    This stock market app and web platform allow users to connect with more than 260+ SEBI-reg. research analysts. These users not only can take their recommendations but also check the weekly, monthly, and yearly return rates, past performances, and which financial advisor is proficient in which segment.

    This stock market app allows you to compare, choose, and follow financial advisor based on their past performances, reviews, and ratings.

    On top of that usually, when you take a recommendation to buy or sell a stock when you solely depend upon your financial advisor without any reasoning. But, at Advisorymandi Stock market app you get to see the in-depth research report on individual recommendations with technical, fundamental and techno-fundamental analysis.

    This report will show you why the financial advisor advises you to buy/sell that particular stock.

    With this stock market app, you can simply tell if you’re a financial advisor is worth it or not.

  • Advisory is a very nascent industry in India and I dont think that a lot of people are going through advisors. Also, analysing how much return did an advisor give over and above index is not a trivial task. Better go with ETFs, rather than the pain of researching advisors etc for 1-2% extra returns(that too also will not happen in most of the cases).

  • @ishaantsingh013 We need to select a financial planner with utmost care. It's our hard earned money. So, going for a good financial advisor will surely help. I'll surely have a look at this app you are suggesting.
    Any feedback on Which financial advisor is better? Any idea about Robo advisors, hearing a lot about robo advisory these days.

  • Hi, You can do good without a financial planner only if you are a DIY (Do-it-Yourself) investor. I mean, you need to have ample of knowledge about investments and personal finance. Without that, you are likely to make mistakes.
    So, I feel getting good professional advice to manage our finances seems a better option.

  • I think it really depends on the whole situation, if you are just some small man with some small money why on earth do you need some financial advisor anyway ? What he can advise to you that you can't DIY ? Other case where you are busy person and do not have time to deal with all that research

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