(Last Updated: March 4, 2019)
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Is There A Flipside To Passive Index Investing?

  • Some of the active funds haven't outperformed the market. So, experts advice a passive index investing option which is simple and low cost. These funds track the performance of the underlying index.

    Moreover, these are passively managed funds. So, overall the costs is low as compared to active funds. The overall benefits get passed on to the customer.

    Will passive investment strategy dominate the market? Or people will be inclined towards active investing only. What are your views on it? Any feedback.

  • So, what do you conclude ? Is there a flipside to passive investing or not ?

  • @GURUMOORTHI-G I feel active mode of investing is much better these days. There are so many platforms out there to help. Even the regulators are strict and favour investors. So, I personally like investing directly rather that the ETF or index funds route. What do you think? Am I right to some extent.

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