(Last Updated: February 24, 2019)
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Which Stock Market App is best for NSE/BSE?

  • It has seen that Indian traders and investors usually trust those stock market apps which have most reviews, ratings, and downloads. However, there is no ideal mechanism to determine which stock market app is the best?

    The way we judge the stock market apps based on downloads is not right. Instead, we should give weightage to the features and personal experience. So, if you are looking out for a stock market app which is best for NSE/BSE then I would suggest you check out the Advisorymandi – Stock Market App.

    First of all, this Advisorymandi app is not a trading platform but an advisory platform that specializes in providing professional and expert advisory on segments such as equity cash, options, futures, commodity, and currency etc.

    The advisors available at this platform are none other but SEBI-reg. research analysts. You can simply connect to more than 260+ SEBI-reg. analysts without switching the services. With the use of this app, you won’t have to rely on different app or services to trade and make profits in the market. Instead, you can simply opt their services and choose advisors after comparing the advisors based on their past performances, reviews, and ratings.

    The app is a next-gen financial platform which covers all featured stocks of the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

    Not only you will be mitigating your risks but got to learn a lot of things within the use of a single app. There are plenty of other features which we would like you to see through before taking your decision.

  • The problem with advisor kinda app is that not everyone is looking for an advise. There are people who are savvy in stock markets and need an app just to track like moneycontrol etc. Advise is one of the last things that Indian people like to have

  • I personally love StockEdge app, it provides a lot of data including Technical patterns, bulk buys etc which are a very useful feature.

    I agree with you that advise and advisory is overrated in India. Financial people first needs to focus on getting people aware of what they are losing while not investing in Equity. Otherwise 8% interest in FD keeps people lazy unlike west where there is no such option and people are forced to look for options.

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