(Last Updated: March 26, 2019)
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Which is best credit card in India for all round spending?

  • I am new to credit cards. I want to buy a card that I can use for all-round spending. I did some research but found most of the cards are specific like rewards or cashback on:

    1. Fuel/utilities payments/phone payments
    2. Travel
    3. Online shopping.
    4. Groceries in stores like More, Bigbazaar etc.
      My spending is not restricted to a specific area. So, I would like to get a credit card that provides rewards on all (or most of the categories, if not all). Also, I would like to explore credit cards that are regular or premium too.
      To sum up, I am basically looking for an all rounder credit card that can serve multiple purposes. Any suggestions on it.

  • @narendra I personally like Citibank rewards credit card. If our annual spending exceeds Rs.30000 we also get a fee waiver. This is what attracted me for this card. It gives good no. of reward points that can be redeemed for shopping, fuel etc. Overall, I found it a decent card to use.

  • @narendra Hi Narendra, You are open to using a premium credit card also. So, you can get a whole range of credit card options to choose from. It becomes difficult when one just looks for a free credit card that doesn't charge any fee.
    But, since you are fine with a free as well as a premium card, here are few options I have listed:
    Credit cards with a nominal fee:

    • Standard Chartered Platinum Rewards card
    • Standard Chartered Manhattan credit card
    • ICICI Instant Platinum card
    • Citibank cashback card
    • Citibank rewards credit card (Fee gets waived after particular annual spending)

    You won't get complete features in each of them. But, these can b good to start.

    Credit cards with a bit high joining and annual fee:

    • HDFC Bank Regalia credit card
    • Citi Premier Miles card
    • American Express Gold card (quite expensive though).

    What I feel, since you are new to credit cards and haven't used any still. Then you can start with a free one or a nominal fee one initially. Try using it for few months, you'll know your actual spending habits.

    This way, even if you don't like a particular credit card, that won't cost you much and you can surrender it and get a new one.
    These are my personal choices. Based on your individual needs, you can choose the best for yourself.

  • @narendra Have you tried standard chartered cards like manhattan and platinum ? I think they are the best ones offering rewards. Any experience with them is appreciated.

  • Any view on SBI credit card?

  • @KP_Trader SBI cards are decent enough. I like SBI Simply click. An affordable card with limited but good benefits.

  • @KP_Trader I feel Standard Chartered cards are better when it comes to features and benefits offered. Even Citibank cards provide great offers. I haven't tried SBI cards just read about it. If you try do let me know are there any additional plus points in having an SBI card.

  • @KP_Trader I personally don't prefer SBI credit cards. I didn't have a good experience using it. Actually, the benefits were good. But, customer care was not quick to respond on my queries. Now, I use Standard Chartered card and I am quite satisfied with it.

  • I'll check up with Standard Chartered as well as CitiBank cards. Thanks for your reviews Karan, Malini and Amit Kumar .

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